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We don’t look after your problems.
We take care of the solutions.

RESKOM Peter Bäbler GmbH

Langfurrenstrasse 54

8105 Regensdorf (Switzerland)

Telefon 0041 79 446 72 86

E-Mail info@reskom.ch

  • We aim ...
    ... to provide our customers with high-quality support as
    they procure and activate their Human Resources.
    For example, during the search & selection process for
    qualified staff to fill management and specialist roles.
  • We aim ...
    ... to provide our customers with professional support as they
    clarify and target the use of their own personnel resources.
    For example, by illuminating the potential and
    aptitude of their staff, supervision functions, etc.
  • We aim ...
    ... to introduce new resources to our customers, thus helping
    to ensure that they make optimum use of the resources
    lready available to them in their day-to-day business.
    For example, by taking advantage of management
    courses, communication training, etc.
  • We aim ...
    ... to offer individual, reliable advice to our clients.

    We approach each contracting organisation and his/her
    particular situation on an individual basis.